Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Pressured New Year

Ugh! Woke up this morning with major sinus congestion pain and that icky post-nasal drain . . . not good. With less than two weeks before surgery, I am not allowed to take any pain relievers or medications that contain aspirin. Um, yeah, just about every cold medicine on-shelf contains some amount of aspirin.

So, I am taking it easy today, dragging myself to the pharmacy to find some creative solutions to getting rid of this sinus infection/cold/whatever it is and also to the Blood Lab for all the pre-op tests. The weather is beautiful today with a light snow dusting the sidewalks and slowing down the holiday shoppers. Planning to take it easy with a small dinner party tonight to help ring in the New Year. . .

Monday, December 28, 2009

Warming Holiday Memories

As promised, I made it home for Christmas, making it possible to see all the kids open their gifts . . . but not before stopping off in Vegas for some birthday fun with my friends! We stayed at the new City Center resort off the strip (we were the first guests to stay in our hotel room that had just opened two days before!). The Vdara Spa & Resort was relaxing and beautiful, offering a respite from the casinos and sweeping views of the Eiffel Tower and the Bellagio fountains. Hitting the blackjack tables Saturday night, I mustered up all my birthday girl luck to win $200--and, while the Imperial Palace wasn't the most sought after locale for a Saturday night out, it did offer cheap gambling tables and celebrity impersonator dealers!

Driving home from Vegas Sunday night, I managed to nearly miss the blizzard that hit the Eastern Seaboard over the weekend . . . Christmas was nice and relaxing with a high of 70 (aahh!). We made plenty of new memories to last another year.

Nicole informed me that she's already flown alone to Berkley and sees "no difference between Berkley and NYC . . ."; she can come see me, really! Well, here's to hoping that either she or I will be able to fly come early Spring.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Hurry! Buy One Surgery, Get One Free!

Just when I was beginning to accept my diagnosis and was getting preparations underway for my impending surgery, I visited the endocrinologist this week for my annual exam to monitor my thyroid growths we discovered 18 months ago.

My visits with Dr. Brett are few and far between, but she is always pleasant and talkative during the exams. But, Tuesday's appointment was different. While viewing the lumps on the ultrasound, she was very quiet. . . I immediately knew something was wrong . . . well, actually, I already had my suspicions that something was wrong before I even walked in the door that morning.

After the ultrasound, she immediately brought out her sketch pad and began writing down a surgeon's name as she proceeded to tell me that the lumps have not only enlarged again, but have become calcified, which has been causing my general discomfort and increased fatigue the last few months. She said that Dr. Genden is very well renowned and would be able to remove my thyroid with a very quick recovery time and limited discomfort. What? She's recommending we remove my entire thyroid?

Fortunately, Dr. Genden had a cancellation this afternoon, so I got the chance to sit down with him and get his valued opinion. He agrees that the recent changes to the lumps do pose a serious risk for cancer in the future and recommends that we remove the thyroid. He warned me that while the removal is imminent, it was definitely not urgent. But, when I mentioned to him that I already have an orthopedic surgery scheduled for January, he immediately got excited at the idea of doing both surgeries simultaneously. He told me he can work on one end of me while Dr. Weinfeld remains master of his own territory at the other end. . .

So, come next month, we'll be removing my thyroid and repairing my ankle. . . I'd be lying if I didn't say that I am doubly scared now, but I think that anything to avoid cancer is good and the opportunity to have only one hospital stay and one dose of anesthesia is also good . . . perhaps I should ask the hospital if they have some sort of "twofer special" or if I can get a free upgrade to a private room with my large spend next year. And, fingers crossed, maybe I can get Dr. Genden to turn my metabolism "up a notch" with my post-op meds, allowing me to drop a dress size or two . . .

Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Moment of Nostalgia

Today on my way to work, I passed master of old Hollywood and host of TCM, Robert Osborne himself, in the crosswalk.