Sunday, May 31, 2009

Vegas or Bust

Well, I am finally on my way! After a month filled with preparing catering orders, marketing materials, budget, travel accommodations, shipping, group events, and appointment books, I am Vegas-bound for Licensing Show Expo, our biggest annual trade show event . . .

After a few too many late nights and working weekends, I am following up my business trip with some much needed R&R in So-Cal. I am delighted to spoil the nieces and nephews and to take in some sun!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Magically Boosting the Economy

After a long week of late nights, several checks and re-checks of our "to do list", and a teary-eyed moment laced with a stream of profanities this evening, I finally managed to walk away from my office at 8pm tonight completely confident that we're fully prepared for Licensing Show. I boarded the 4 train and began my commute home, completely exhausted.

But, in the short fifteen minute ride tonight, my frown was turned upside down when a magician boarded my car and began performing his best tricks. Between 42nd and 86th Streets, the talented fellow managed to make a scarf dance and tie itself into a knot, change a handkerchief into a live dove, and to make a chain disappear from his very hands!

I was so enjoyably entertained, I was slightly sad to be forced to exit the train at my stop. I never make a habit of donating to street performers in the subway, but I was so impressed at his ability to magically change my attitude that I made sure to drop a dollar into his tin as I walked onto the platform!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Being Three is Neat!

Happy Birthday Evan! I hope your day was bursting with chocolately goodness!

Monday, May 11, 2009

A Very New York Weekend

This last weekend, Crystal flew out to spend a New York weekend with me. We had so much fun! After arriving early Saturday morning, we treked downtown to visit the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, playing the role of resident tourists! After all the trips that Crystal had made to The City, she had never visited these American icons.

We've had soppy weather every single day this past week and the forecast was calling for more rain on Saturday with a high of 80 . . . ugh! We made sure to carry our umbrellas with us all day as good luck charms; and they must have worked because what started out as a thick, muggy day burned off to a warm and breezy afternoon and evening.

Ellis Island and Lady Liberty were phenomenal as usual; we completed our afternoon of tours with a corny photo souvenir of the two of us arriving off the ship in New York Harbor. . .

We then headed down to Katz's Deli for a tall stack of pastrami on rye. I pointed out the sign where Meg Ryan professes her famous love of Katz's when Crystal admitted that she had never seen the film! After a more than filling lunch, we grabbed some tickets for Guys & Dolls later in the evening.

We managed to arrive ten minutes late for Guys & Dolls after a slow subway ride and missed the opening number. But, a fantastic performance by the cast more than made up for the first few missed notes. We spent the remainder of the evening walking around Times Square and hitting Ellen's Stardust Diner for dessert. I squealed with delight when our server belted out "Don't Stop Believing", one of my favorite Journey classics.

We then enjoyed a relaxing and sunny Sunday morning having brunch at Sarabeth's, walking around Central Park and discovering Brooklyn. We grabbed the ever essential Sunday afternoon treat from Crumbs, had pedicures, ordered a NY slice for dinner and stayed in to watch "When Harry Met Sally" . . . Crystal can finally say she's seen it now!