Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Sighting in Times Square

While out in Times Square today to grab a 6" from Subway for lunch, I spotted not one, but two, out of work actors.  Dan Lauria and Erik Estrada were both drawing an audience.  As I was walking past our favorite CHiPs cop, I overhead a tourist shout into her cell phone:  "You're not gonna believe who I just saw!  Oh my God, I just walked by Erik Estrada; oh my God!  No, I am not shitting you, it was totally him!"  . . . Classy!

After living here two years, I've truly developed an intense love/hate relationship with tourists.  I just love it when I can laugh at their silly expressions upon their first trip to the Big Apple, just like the non-descript cigarette smoking, fanny-pack wearing Mid-Westerner I overhead today or how they're willing to pay double the menu price for the Tour of Italy at Olive Garden because they're terrified of venturing any farther south than 34th Street for a decent Zagat-rated eatery.  But, I also hate it when they're blocking the route in and out of my office building with their uncanny lack of ability to get enough pictures of the 360 degreed barrage of neon signage surrounding them.  (The ones I really pity though are those that forget their digital camera at home and have to rely on taking their plethora of photos on a $20 disposable camera without a limitless number of exposures; ouch!)  I mean, really, how many poses does one need of their spouse wearing an I [heart] NYC t-shirt in front of the Bubba Gump's restaurant on 7th Ave?  Get out of my way already!  I am late for work!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Brat Packin' the Streets of NYC

While sitting in a towncar on 8th Avenue today, I spotted 80's brat pack icon Andrew McCarthy crossing the street incognito under a beat up leather jacket and sunglasses.  He's aged, but he's still hot. . . . no fooling!