Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring has Sprung!

Easter was beautiful this year! As is custom with our gastronomical tradition, my brother Bill treated us to "brunch at the club" (please note that I said that with my nose pointed at a 45 degree angle toward the ceiling and with my right pinkie extended out. . . ) We had a warm, sunny day and the girls got to spend the day with us, giving me a chance to see all my nieces and nephews together before I left for NYC.

The fare offered at the brunch buffet was bountiful and Nicole and I enjoyed picking our favorites off the tables in addition to mulling over the dessert table for nearly 10 minutes trying to determine if our pallet would be better whetted with cookies or cake. As we walked out, she began a little debate on how the ice sculpture was created. But, even though we couldn't determine how it was created, we both agreed it was beautiful.

Dad also joined us this year when he drove down to CA this weekend to say one last goodbye. I think he had a really enjoyable time playing with Hudson and spending the holiday with us all together. The evening was complete with some afternoon swimming in the backyard and gift exchanges. Carla finally made me crack when she wouldn't let go of her hug that night. I am going to miss everyone so much! (sniffle . . . sniffle . . . sniffle . . . get me a tissue, dammit!)


Life's a Dance said...

Ok - either I am getting old or your font is so small!

I do still love to read your blog and your latest adventures! Go girl!