Monday, July 13, 2009

I ♥ the 80's!

Congratulations to Team Atreyu, the 3rd Place winners at the 80's Trivia Night at Big Daddy's Diner!

Our team ended a fun filled Monday evening successfully placing third, only two points behind the evening's winner Yo Mallory, despite an upsetting final round sprint from Jessie's Girl that ultimately robbed us of the much coveted first place prize!

After a successful showcase of correctly answering trivia questions like the principal's name in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off", Baby's full formal name in "Dirty Dancing", and what person Alex P. Keaton idolized in "Family Ties", Team Atreyu entered the final bonus round well in the lead and sure we would take the win! Unfortunately, the game was opened up as a free for all during the Bonus Round with a karaoke sing off of the theme song to "Growing Pains". When their name was randomly drawn, Jessie's Girl earned a full 5 bonus points just for singing the song to the angering crowd!

Team Atreyu was definitely disappointed, but we still managed to secure a bronze prize! After an evening of fun, food, and friends, we won a $50 gift card toward our next visit at Big Daddy's. We're ready for a re-match and will be watching our fave 80's flicks in preparation for it!