Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Who Parties Like a Rockstar Under the Sea?


This week is the official 10th anniversary of SpongeBob's premiere on Nickelodeon and Nick did it up right with a kick-off celebration at our offices here in Times Square. The entire staff was invited to dish on krabby patties, french fries, yellow cupcakes and yellow pineapple-tinis in our very own Bikini Bottom themed cafeteria.

We had a "spongey" good time toasting to our favorite optimist! The afternoon was topped with a special visit from the Naked Cowboy, donning SpongeBob underwear and a Bikini Bottom-decopaged guitar. He sang a little tune to our honored guest before posing for pictures with our company president.

We also had a special appearance from SpongeBob and Patrick themselves, none other than Tom Kenny and Bill Fagerbakke (some of you may remember him from his days on Coach with Craig T. Nelson) who affectionately informed us that 40% of us would be laid off following the meeting . . . something about management thinking we could take it easier if we heard the bad news in a cartoon voice.

I hear the cupcakes were delicious . . . you can't imagine how difficult it was for me to abstain from partaking in all the culinary goodness. Every single item was forbidden on this new cleansing diet of mine . . . I just keep thinking to myself, "will I really make it 6 months?"


Erin said...

You do have an awesome job.

Anonymous said...

Hudson would love some of those Sponge Bob underwear!


The Bann Clan said...

You are so lucky. You go the the most fun parties!