Saturday, July 4, 2009

You Want to Transform This Into a Date?

After a chance meeting at last week's Floating Kabarette and a week of friendly email banter, Taz and I agreed to go see Transformers 2 Friday night. I had intended to see the movie with my colleagues, but missed the film last week when I got called into a last minute meeting with Dreamworks. I was delighted when a week after the premiere, I finally found someone who hadn't already seen it themselves! And, Taz seemed like a really nice, fun guy to join me!

But, I quickly found that Taz interpreted my invitation as a formal date. Before I could blink, he had already purchased both our tickets and was leading me up the escalator to our theater. And, over the course of the 2.5 hour film, his body slowly drew closer and closer to mine. Without even allowing the credits to finish, he immediately turned to me and asked, "what are we doing now?" I asked if he was hungry and he suggested we get dinner.

With the non-stop rain finally letting up this weekend, we enjoyed a wonderful walk around Union Square before deciding on a late night dinner at The Coffee Shop. Sitting outside in the warm summer air was wonderful and Taz was a gracious host with plenty of non-stop conversation to offer. In fact, we had managed to talk so long that the server was ready to kick us out of our seats. We then moved inside to the bar and managed to converse late into the night before I finally announced I had to go home at 2am.

After Taz walked me to the subway and wished me goodnight, I couldn't help but ask myself, "what just happened here?" I really like Taz; he's easy to talk to, smart, kind, and respectful. I'm just not attracted to him. . . why must dating be so complicated?